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What is Move Movement?

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What is Move Movement and Why should one Join the Move Movement?

Move Movement is one of its kind "Global Movement" that is research based and encourages medical providers all over the world to promote physical activity (Body Movement as permitted by your patient's condition) and exercise programs along with Calorie Restriction (as a means of  disease prevention and management; and for everyone to understand that any exercise is better than none.  Upon joining this custom designed Move Movement,  you will be able to prevent/or fight Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Lung disease, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Alzheimer's, Infectious Disease, Weight problems, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Stress and Emotional health issues which are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality today.

The Launch of My Revolutionary "Move Movement" which is designed to promote any amount of Physical Activity (PA) along with Calorie Restriction (CR) while maintaining proper nutrition as a means of preventing/fighting all diseases along with prolongation of a meaningful and health life. It is a testimony to my understanding and the accumulation of growing knowledge that we are roughly 2/3  water and are mobile organisms, and need constant body movement (which promotes the movement of body fluids resulting in optimal delivery of oxygen, nutrients, immune cells and mediators and hastens waste removal along with stimulation of the brain as it has been shown that physical activity prevents or delays dementia) both during awake and sleeping period to keep our bodies and mind healthy and boosts our immune system, help maintain optimum body weight and help fight infectious and non-infectious diseases of the mind and body including Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer's etc.

The homeostatic body mechanisms (neural and hormonal) lead to the failure of the traditional dieting, exercise and weight loss programs as their goals are directed towards short term gains which actually do more harm than any good in the long term because of the rebound phenomenon which makes matters worse. This is the real "motivation" behind the launch of my revolutionary and Global "Move Movement" which promotes and utilizes life long increased physical activity (bodily movements as permitted/tolerated) as an effective tool for disease prevention and management, enhancing overall physical, and mental health and  improving everyone's quality of life and to achieve meaningful longevity for all.

NEWS FLASH: Longevity News Updates -

Off-springs of Mothers less than 25 years and Not being Stout at age 30 years Found to be Associated with Extreme Longevity.

Italian Researchers Found Variations in Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor (AGTR1) Gene to be Associated with Extreme Longevity in Humans.
This Gene was found to be associated with extreme Human Longevity and lower Blood Pressure among Italian and Japanese Centenarians.

Results from two Prospective Studies find that Eating Meat (particularly Red Meat) Ups Risk of Cardiovascular and Cancer Mortality. Switching to Vegetarianism reduces All Cause and Cardiovascular and Cancer Mortality. Reduction in Daily Protein intake has been shown to prolong Lifespan by as much as 20%.

A new study has shown that virtual exercising is better than exercising on a stationary bike or a treadmill as it stimulates and keeps the brain more active and prevents or delays the development of dementia due to greater sensory stimulation of the brain and is safer than actually exercising outside for older adults. 

The basis of Move Movement is to increase Bodily movement (Physical activity or exercise). Health benefits of increases in Physical activity that have been recently in the NEWS and can be found on pub med are listed below:

Many studies show benefits of (even small amounts) exercise on mind and body:

               There have been several studies listed below and hyper-linked to PubMed.gov that have shown that even little physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, improves your blood flowlowers blood pressure, improve lymph flow; there is convincing evidence that physical activity prevents many cancers (State of epidemiological evidence on Physical Activity and cancer Prevention) including Breast cancerColon cancerGynecological cancers - Endometrial (uterus) cancer and Ovarian cancerProstate cancer,  Pancreatic cancer, and possibly also reduces the risk of Gastric cancer;  improves your sleep quality, and sexual healthdecreases obesity risk even in individuals with the FTO gene linked to obesity, lowers risk of metabolic syndromediabetesimproves your lipid profile (cholesterol)decreases fat mass and  increases muscle mass; improves chronic kidney disease; has a protective effect on gatroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), peptic ulcer disease (PUD), non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), cholelithiasis (Gall stones), diverticular diseaseirritable bowel syndrome, and constipation; improves joint health, improves bone mass,  improves academic performancedecreases body pain; improves mood and cognition (attention, memory, problem solving and language)prevents depression, and Alzheimer's; improves over all physical and mental health and quality of life at all ages and prolongs life.

Cutting calories/ Calorie Restriction (CR) and Physical Activity (PA) (CR has been shown to promote longevity) - promotes mobility (as the body retains the drive to do things after a lighter meal as opposed to a heavy meal) , moves lymph (which is 3 times the amount of total blood in our body and is dependent on body movement to keep it flowing - lymph is the policeman, garbage man and the immigration system of our body) better by negating the effects of gravity (Taller people are at greater risk of developing Cancer), and helps prevent/fight infections and cancer.

The Biochemical basis of Calorie Restriction (CR) and Physical Activity (PA) leading to its Anti-Aging effects has been recently linked to Sirtuins which have been shown to play a pivotal role in regulation of Lifespan. 

Mar 12, 2012: The Journal of Biological Chemistry article found on PubMed - SIRT3 deacetylates isocitrate dehydrogenase 2 (IDH2) and regulates mitochondrial redox status.
The researchers provided a direct biochemical and biological evidence establishing a regulatory relationship between IDH2 and SIRT3 under acute and chronic Calorie Restriction (CR). They further noted that IDH2 activities have been known to be a major factor in cancer and that these results implicate SIRT3 as a potential regulator of IDH2 dependent functions in cancer cell metabolism.  

Dr. Franklin H. Epstein's (June 9, 2011) Lecture "Sirtuins, Aging, and Medicine" accessible at The New England Journal of Medicine details the role and pathways of Sirtuins in the pathways of aging. In an article "Role of Sirtuins, calorie restriction and physical activity in aging[Frontiers in Bioscience (Elite Edn.) Jan 01, 2012], a team of Italian researchers point out the clear-cut relationship between Sirt-1 and Calorie Restriction (CR) and in rats they showed that the levels of SIRT1 activity were raised in aged rats who performed moderately prolonged Physical Activity (PA). They found that in mammals, CR causes physiological and behavioral changes that lead to decreases in reactive oxygen species, thereby reducing oxidative stress and damage and thus leads to the hypothesis that CR by reducing oxidative stress extends lifespan by counteraction of aging.

Free PubMed Article: Impact of Calorie and Dietary Restriction on Markers of Health and Longevity in Humans and Animals: Available findings -
Calorie Restriction (CR) that has been used in several Human and Animal studies that has been used is 25% - 40% restriction of Daily Calorie intake has been shown to prolong Lifespan by approximately 40%. Roughly half of this prolongation of Lifespan has been attributable to Protein Restriction in several other studies which have shown an increase in Lifespan by approximately 20%.

In an Amazing Study done by Researchers at University of Sydney, Australia on Ant populations showed the Ill Effects of High Protein on Longevity:  Ant Workers Die Young and Colonies Collapse when Fed a High Protein Diet.

Optimal Movement (as permitted/tolerated), along with Calorie Restriction (keeping diet balanced - low salt, low fat, high fiber) and maintaining water intake helps reach and maintain healthy weight and prevents many deadly diseases. 

My Revolutionary "Move Movement" encourages people to move their mind (more mental calculations- use it or loose it) and body in an optimal fashion and encourages them to cut calories and stay hydrated. 

It is the simplest and easiest way to promote health and prevent or delay the onset of the diseases listed above. If you are already suffering from any of the diseases above, you will be guided in the right direction as to what you can do to stay healthy and fight your disease.

This revolutionary Online Health Expert's "MOVE MOVEMENT" is very simple and easy to follow and will bring you together with others suffering with your disease or problem. Also, you will gain tremendous in-depth and up-to-date understanding of your health condition to help you regain the emotional, mental and physical health that you rightfully deserve.

When we eat fast, chew less and gulp down the fast food, our body "perceives" it as competition, threat, and stress and goes into survival mode. Our body then releases a bunch of stress hormones that trigger it to absorb more nutrients from the same amount of food that if eaten slowly and chewed more number of times would have resulted in less nutrients being absorbed. Also, chewing more number of times and eating slowly in a relaxed fashion releases hormones that have an appetite suppressant effect and keep us satisfied as the body knows there is no rush to absorb nutrients for later use and store them in the form of fat (thus promoting healthy weight) as it would have to during stressful times making us gain unwanted weight mainly in the form of fat.

Optimal body movement and proper diet is dependent on one's age, sex, physical condition, mental and physical diseases and conditions and should be determined after a thorough history and physical exam and further testing as advised by a licensed Health care provider. Before starting any physical activity program, please consult and obtain approval from your physician.

The body's homeostatic mechanisms prevent any gain from any sudden changes and as a golden rule activity and diet should be changed very gradually, thereby providing ample time for the body to adapt to the gradual changes and preventing any harmful rebound phenomenon or any acute severe bodily injury.
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